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  • Newsletter 28 June


    In This Weeks News

    In this weeks issue we dive into:

    • Gravel vacuum method.

    In our pet corner we will introduce you too

    • Chinese Shar­Pei

    Shipment dates

    • Tropical fish – Local,
    • Marines-Sri Lanka

    Promotions on offer – Battery operated gravel vacuum

    This is a brand new product to the market.

    For only R137
    Available from Thursday 30 June 2016

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PetStop Announcements

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  • Win everything you spent @ PET STOP SA back!!!!

    Win everything you spent @ PET STOP SA back!!!!

    Win Your entire aquarium spent back!!!

    I LOVED your aquariums (entered into the lucky draw), even more than you can imagine. But every single owner I spoke to wanted to make their prized possession even BETTER.

    How can I HELP?
    Well I cannot go to everyone BUT I can help financially by starting the following competition.

    Win your entire aquarium spent @ PET STOP SA back!!!!

    How will I do this?
    · Starting today 24/03/2016 we will have entry cards at the till point.
    · You take a card/form and then all your spending will be noted on your card.
    · On Monday 04/07/2016 we will start to collect filled in cards/forms and 2 weeks later on Saturday 16/07/2016 one of you will win a voucher to the same value YOU SPENT ON THAT CARD.
    · The winner will receive a voucher to the SAME VALUE as the amount he spend at Pet Stop SA over this period.

    Terms & Conditions:
    · You have to hand in your card(s) before 14/07/2016 – late entry’s will not qualify
    · every time you buy, Your card must be filled in & signed by the till lady
    · You must keep your card with you and produce it with the actual purchase. Pet Stop staff are NOT ALLOWED to keep any card on behalf of clients
    · No card can be signed afterword’s, you must ensure your card is with you when you do the purchase PLEASE – preventing fraud
    · This is a lucky draw so EVERYONE stand an equal chance
    · Staff does not qualify
    · This competition is @ Pet Stop SA only (this time – next time the other stores will participate J )
    · Clients that buy via Talita (outside shipping/courier clients) you qualify as well, as long as you ensure that you and Talita keep the same score.
    · If your card is full an additional one will be given to you and added onto your total, therefore you do not lose out
    · The lucky draw is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
    · The winning cards owner does not need to be present at the lucky draw.
    · Lost card will be replaced with a new one but NO sales can be transferred from a lost card to the new one.
    · Damaged card will be replaced and the sales clearly noted on it transferred to the new card. Ineligible transactions cannot be transferred
    · The winning card’s voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.


    Pet Stop flyer rules:


    1. Any person carrying the flyer printed by us, qualify. No other form or paper is accepted.
    2. The person MUST supply us his correct details, false details will lead to an immediate disqualification and cancelation.
    3. The voucher is ONLY exchangeable at the shop whose name is advertised on the front page. NO OTHER SHOP COULD ACCEPT IT.
    4. Only one flyer per person per promotion. Once you have used a flyer you cannot get another and use that again.
    5. You can only buy stock with this flyer no cash REFUNDS or returns will be done..
    6. No product bought with this flyer can be returned.
    7. You have to use the whole flyer at the same time, you cannot take part now and the rest later.
    8. No cash credit is paid out. Once you used your flyer and it did not reach the total credit, you lose the part of the credit you did not use.
    9. The end of this promotion is strictly the 21 th of May 2016 (giving you 30 days to respond) No exceptions.
    10. No products already on promotion can be bought with this flyer.
    11. No food products can be bought with this flyer
    12. No staff member of Pet Stop or their direct family is allowed to enter.
    13. The voucher is:
      1. valid for 30 days from start of distribution = 20 April 2016.
      2. restricted to products in store only
      3. Excluding are any food products AND any other product already on promotion
      4. Only valid at the store advertised on the front page
      5. For the bearer only.
      6. Could not be transferred to another person.
      7. Could not be changed for cash.
      8. No product bought with this flyer can be returned.
    14. Pet Stop is solely responsible for this promotion and any problems or suggestions should beforwarded towards Pet Stop on

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